Zameer Lokhandwalla

Zameer Lokhandwalla opens up a new world of luxury jewelry. His extensive knowledge of craft and heritage enables him to design with a fresh viewpoint while upholding the greatest standards for quality, luxury, and detail. His watchwords are accuracy and grace. Zameer Lokhandwala creates and crafts moments that are frozen in time as a way of honoring the unique and exquisite character of his clients. His individuality is brought to life through a mind-and-heart partnership.
Zameer Lokhandwalla is the founder of The Ice Champ and Marc Samuels Jewelers and has nearly two decades of combined expertise working with jewelry, diamonds, and timepieces. What does this imply for the client? He is aware of what works and doesn’t. We only provide products that he believes are both a good value and will bring joy. To make sure he exceeds client expectations with the styles he offers, he continuously undertakes market research. To make sure the styles he carries are keeping up with changing consumer wants and trends, he regularly reviews his collection. His goal is to satisfy consumer demand in a competitive environment.
Zameer Lokhandwala has conquered numerous challenges throughout the years thanks to his humility and productivity. He is able to stand out from the competition, unlike any other jeweler, since he provides master craftsmanship and high-quality goods. He guarantees this by including a warranty with every item purchased.

“Unlike any other jeweler, we back each of our pieces with warranties. You are able to walk into our store and we will be able to help you with repair, buffing, cleaning and polishing. This will ensure your pieces will always stay as good as when you first got them. Our quality of work also differentiates us from other jewelers. We insure what we give you has all certificates and appraisals,” Zameer Lokhandwala remarks.

About Marc Samuels Jewelers

It is a showroom for luxury watches and jewelry. For more than ten years, the Marc Samuels Jewelers brand has been known for providing the best designer jewelry, wedding and engagement rings, loose diamonds, and high-end watches in the Frisco, Dallas, Grapevine, and surrounding North Texas area.

Due to the fact that Zameer Lokhandwala relies on friendship and enduring relationships to run his business, his jewelry stands out from other jewelry in the North Texas region. The constant attention at Marc Samuels Jewelers is on the customer, and the purchasing process. Their designer watches and jewelry brands are carefully chosen, and they only choose those whose values are compatible with theirs. Modern designer jewelry, handcrafted fine jewelry, loose diamonds, and opulent Swiss watches are all available in Grapevine and Frisco.

About The Ice Champ

You can choose from a wide array of options at the Ice Champ, and each one can be personalized to meet your needs. Additionally, they fill many special orders. Each piece is painstakingly made with attention to every last detail. Their highly-skilled master craftsmen use complicated techniques and give painstaking attention to details and finishing, bringing your custom design to life using precious stones.

Zameer Lokhandwalla considers craftsmanship to be the pinnacle of luxury. He incorporates unconventional materials to jewels and watches with unrestrained creativity, reaching new heights of sophistication. Steel, porcelain, silk, and wood pushed the boundaries of luxury, giving life to creations that were as pleasant to look at as they were to touch, like a second skin. He will constantly promote the creative industry and show that he cares about the regional economy. In order to improve his community’s social, cultural, and environmental conditions, he will continuously develop new ways of thinking and doing things, and he will assist those who do the same.