Zameer Lokhandwalla, the name behind luxury jewelry design, has raised the standard for elegance and beauty in the jewelry industry. For more than two decades, he has been providing the most exquisite and spectacular gems to top actors around the world. This has allowed him to share a glamorous part of Hollywood’s illustrious history.

He is extremely passionate about what he does, and he loves doing it. Living his own “American dream” was what inspired Zameer Lokhandwalla to launch his company. From the onset, he was captivated by the affluent world and intended to be a part of it. It doesn’t matter what you wear, it matters what you know. To attain great quality and move toward sustainable, eco-friendly luxury jewelry manufacturing, Zameer Lokhandwalla aspires to pioneer new techniques and utilize technology. He is fearlessly progressive and always on the hunt for novel concepts that could advance his technology.

Zameer Lokhandwala is the founder of not one, but two hip-hop jewelry brands. His brands are called The Ice Champ and Marc Samuels Jewellers. These two brands were created out of a desire to lead the next generation in jewelry. With a background in both architecture and jewelry, his goal is to revitalize structural integrity and exquisite design within the industry while creating excellent, sustainable, ethical jewelry. He adheres to the unadulterated truth and works to empower you with the information to make wise choices regarding what you wear.

Zameer Lokhandwala is dedicated to upholding and advancing human rights as well as ethical commercial and social activities. He thinks it’s important to collaborate with people who appreciate the same things as he does.

Zameer Lokhandwalla‘s ecological, ethical jewelry pieces and diamonds combine simple beauty and scientific accuracy rather than relying solely on aesthetics. He concentrates on removing the superfluous to produce lab-grown hip-hop jewelry designs that are structurally sound, timeless, and made to endure a lifetime. He has faith in the unvarnished truth. Because of his dedication to transparency within his sector, he is the leader in bringing about change.

Zameer Lokhandwala wants to empower his customers by committing to complete transparency in all of his communications, whether he is discussing his line of environmentally friendly jewelry, his morally sound manufacturing practices, or everything in between. He also places a high priority on manufacturing transparency and works to fully inform customers of his procedure when creating sustainable jewelry designs. He has carefully developed a production process that prioritizes technical accuracy and quality in a timely manner so that he can provide his esteemed customers with the highest-quality jewelry and lab-grown diamonds at an attractive price.

Over the past few years, Zameer Lokhandwalla has had the good fortune to work with famous people like DeMarcus Lawrence, Amari Cooper, Deion Sanders, and many others. The fact that he has been fortunate enough to advance and further strengthen his relationship with his clients over the past few years means a lot to him. His top goal is to take care of the demands of his customers, and keeping this goal in mind, he has also worked with musicians like Post Malone, Bandman Kevo, Blac Youngsta, Moneybagg Yo, NLE Choppa, and many others that have influenced his career.