A guide to the finest styles and designs in engagement rings by Zameer Lokhandwalla

A guide to the finest styles and designs in engagement rings by Zameer Lokhandwalla

As if choosing your ideal partner for life wasn’t challenging enough, now you’ve got to pick a ring that makes you appear to be engaged. So whether you’re thinking about proposing or need to give your loved one some shopping suggestions, keep reading Zameer Lokhandwalla’s guide to all engagement ring designs.

The Four Styles of Engagement Rings

There are numerous varieties of engagement ring designs from which to pick. Zameer Lokhandwalla believes you must first understand the four categories of engagement ring styles and how they differ from one another in order to better understand the differences between them all.

The Solitaire Ring Design

There is nothing more timeless than a single, dazzling diamond. In this case, you really can’t go wrong. It complements everything, pairs easily with a wedding band, attract attention to your stunning diamond, and, if you choose a plain metal ring, can be reasonably priced. Additionally, choosing a single, bigger diamond over several smaller ones might be rather expensive.

The Solitaire with Accent Stones Design

You’ll fall in love with diamond rings with accent stones if you’re looking for that extra sparkle in a solitaire ring. This has a special way of gradually enhancing the traditional solitaire style with an extra wow factor. This design is also referred to as a “pave ring style.” On either side of the main stone, the ring band is lined with tiny diamonds. The accent stones complement the main diamond in a stunning way, enhancing the ring’s brilliance. Because of this, it is a popular option among engagement ring designs.

The Halo Design

The halo is one of the most well-liked types of engagement rings. That’s because it makes the focal stone sparkle while also producing a stunning sheen. The focal stone is surrounded by a border or halo made of a line of smaller pavé-set diamonds. The centre stone appears even more brilliant and glittering thanks to the light reflection from the halo stones. A halo setting is a stunning technique to highlight a stunning white diamond or make a less impressive stone appear larger. If you select a colored gem for the center stone, such as a sapphire, ruby, morganite, or pink diamond, it can also provide dramatic contrast.

The Three Stone Design

The three-stone engagement ring, also referred to as the “trilogy” form, is a remarkably passionate option. Trilogy rings can be customized quite a bit in terms of stone size, type, and shape. Having a huge centre diamond and two smaller surrounding stones or three medium-sized stones of similar size is a common choice. A modern rendition of the trio style uses a colored gem as the centre stone with diamond edging.

What Styles of Engagement Rings Are Available?

Shopping for the ideal engagement ring is difficult because there are hundreds of “similar” styles to choose from. It’s crucial to comprehend how you can select the style of your engagement ring, from the ring’s setting to the color of the band. Here is all the details you need to know

Decide on a band color

Zameer Lokhanwalla feels the biggest influence on how your ring and diamond seem while you wear it is the color of the ring band. The traditional white gold band is the most preferred option for those looking for an engagement ring. But compared to the more common white gold band, the yellow gold and rose gold hues have swiftly gained appeal since they are not only distinctive but also better able to bring out the brightness of a diamond.

Select the diamond shape

One of the first things one sees about any engagement ring type is the diamond shape. It is reasonable to claim that the diamond’s form has a considerable impact on the overall appearance of the design of a ring. According to Zameer Lokhandwalla, the biggest issue is deciding which one to use as your engagement ring. The various shapes are princess cut, cushion cut, round cut, pear shape cut, and oval cut.
It will initially be challenging to find the ideal ring among the many different engagement ring designs available. However, searching is made simpler if you are certain of what you’re looking for.

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